Sconce for the illumination and decoration of the house. od mesinga

The brass light’s rugged build construction makes it ideal for lighting the facades and the perimeter of traditional or modern buildings, to which we want to give a unique nautical character.

The wall sconce is made of hard brass with a weight of two kilos and six hundred grams, dimensions measuring 27 cm in height and 22 cm in width, and with a thick protective glass, that is clear, transparent and smooth, and able to withstand adverse weather conditions.

The lampholder is made of porcelain and takes E27 LED bulbs for reduced energy consumption.

The brass light is ideal for use in areas with high humidity, such as coastal or mountain areas.

It is not affected by solar radiation and the salinity of the sea breeze. It can withstand cold temperatures and snow.

It is resistant to wear and corrosion.

The light fixture is designed in accordance with international regulations against light pollution and has an IP 64 rating.

This elegant and quality brass light fixture is often found in town or country houses, in tourist accommodation, restaurants, bars and in large residential or therapeutic resorts.

We have a wide variety of outdoor and indoor light fixtures, which you can harmoniously combine with each other to enhance the illumination of your home, to make its atmosphere warmer and more welcoming and to renew the decoration and aesthetics of your areas.

The sconce belonging to the ART BR406 family comes to impress and satisfy every taste, and is available in the following variants:
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Težina 5,00 kg

27 cm (10.62 inches)


22 cm (8.66 inches)


Keramika, Mjed, Staklo

Neto težina - Masa

2.130 kg (4.69 lb)




Mjed, prigušeno žuta, pomalo slična zlatu, ali tamnija.

Grlo - Baza žarulje


Žarulje su uključene u pakiranje


Žarulja (vat i vrsta)

LED od 11 W

Broj žarulja


Klasa zaštite


With Socket


With Switch


Country of Manufacture