DOUBLEX – XL New product

It consists of two reinforced Aluminum profiles that are fitted with five screws each, one on each side that we want to snap. (eg case – leaf).

When securing it, it locks with two pins one above and one below, so that the screw resistance is shared at all.

Thus, we achieve the maximum anti-burglary protection for every type of OPENING DOOR: single, double, aluminum, iron, wood or PVC.

We also use it for mezzanines because, according to the current conditions, SECURITY is the most important thing when we are in the house.

Its body is wider by 17 mm so that the screws go further into the lid of the opening sheet to prevent the mechanism from being blocked, mainly in PVC or aluminum with perimeter mechanism.

Cypriot is a distinct piece that draws on the body in two ways, varying the distance from the surface to catch many uneven locks without the need of many plastic additions.

For these reasons, it is recommended for wood, PVC, aluminum with perimeter mechanism and armored doors!

Vikt 1,000 kg