The Oval Brass Bulkhead Light is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


It is a decorative element and provides decoration while offering a nautical style to any space.
Suitable for the bathroom, the patio, the garden, the courtyard, the walkway, or the garage.
The charm of the brass light, is highlighted by the its own uniqueness and by its high-quality build.

The design of the Oval Brass Bulkhead Light ART BR400 Brass ensures its durability.

– It is resistant to dust and humidity.
– A rubber gasket intervenes between the glass and the main body of the light, ensuring a better seal.
– Thanks to its construction material, brass, the light fixture is ideal for coastal and humid areas.
– It is resistant to corrosion, while maintaining its shape, volume and good condition, with minimal maintenance requirements.
– The glass that protects the lamp is thick, transparent and ribbed, refracting light and providing better illumination without dazzling ν visitors.
– It is equipped with a brass mesh that safeguards and protects the light from accidental impacts.
– Four brass butterfly-shaped screws are used to secure the mesh and the glass to the light fixture’s main body.
These screws can be easily removed by hand, without the need for tools, in order to inspect or change the fixture’s lamp.
– The lampholder, the fixture’s special socket in which the lamp is placed, is ceramic and accepts E27 lamps.
You can also use LED energy-saving lamps for enhanced economy and environmental protection.
– The light fixture comes without a cable, so that it can be safely connected directly to the mains without external cables, while a switch can be placed inside the house, or a watertight one can be installed outside.

Bulkhead lights is waterproof and is ideal for wet and coastal areas, as it is made of brass that is resistant to corrosion.


What is a bulkhead light fitting?

A bulkhead light is a light fixture whose shape looks like a ship’s porthole.

They are made of brass or bronze and feature a heavy and thick glass to protect the lamp, which is enclosed by a wire or solid brass mesh.

The light fixture is waterproof and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

In Mediterranean countries, it is also known as a turtle light (helona).

In the old days, this light fixture was used to illuminate ship decks

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Тегло 3,500 кг
Net Weight

1.435 kg (3.16 lb)


13 cm (5.11 inches)


21 cm (8.26 inches)


Glass, Mесинг, Керамика


Clear Ribbed Glass


Brass, Muted yellow, somewhat similar to gold, but duller.

Protection class


Number of Lights


Bulb (Watt & type)

18 Watt CFL or 12 Watt LED (not included)

Bulb Included


Bulb Base


With Socket


With Switch


Types of Lighting Fixtures

, , , , , ,

Voltage Input

Works with either 230V or 120V

Applicable Places

Attic, Balcony, Bar, Basement, Bedroom, Cabin, Coffee Shop, Corridor, Courtyard, Dining Room, Garage, Garden, Hallway, Kitchen, Others, Pathway, Patio, Restaurant, Shopping mall, Storeroom, Villa, Yard

Country of Manufacture


EAN - Product


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